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Monday, July 11, 2011

*** LOVE***The Silence Of Love

The Silence Of Love

Love can be very powerful when it is expressed in silence. Anyone can say, I love you without meaning it. During my 29 years of marriage to my late husband I experienced the thunder of love expressed through silence on several occasions.

I remember clearly when he would go into our garden and picked a rose then placed it in my hair or sometimes in a vase. Without saying a word he would place the rose in my hair then gentle kiss me on my cheeks. I must confess that if he had asked me to jump over the moon I might have.

Another way he used to expressed his love for me, through silence, was being a good listener.
He quite often allowed me to express what was on my mind. He seldom interrupted me .

Jesus the master teacher taught us the power of love through silence.

On one occasion, a woman taken in adultery was taken to him by her accusers .
Without saying a word he bent and wrote on the ground. His silence caused the woman's accusers to depart.
Your silence of love can be more powerful than your speech. Action speaks louder than words.

Seven Tips to Express Silent Love.

1. Sit beside your spouse. Massage his or her shoulder without saying a word.

2. Listen to a friend talk without interrupting.

3. Fix breakfast in bed for a loved one.

4. Smile with seven strangers everyday.

5. Hug, hug, hug. Give them a way. A hug a day, keeps the doctor away-Tassel Daley

6.Sit still before the Lord and wait for Him. Express your love for Him with silence.

7.Send flowers randomly.

When I think of you
I have a warm, fuzzy feeling
I want to hold you in my arms
kiss your tender lips
feel your firm, strong
and tender embrace
As your steady heartbeat
pounds sweetly against my chest
as if it wants to unite, as one with mine.

When I think of you
I have a tender loving feeling
I want to gaze
lovingly into your love sick eyes
and wonder what you are thinking
I want to remain silent
and enjoy the present moment
I want to listen to the romantic sound of your breath
as it moves in and out, ever so gently
slowly drinking, the sweet love energy that flows from me to you!

When I think of you
I wish you were here
to hold you
to squeeze you
to kiss you
to embrace you
to look you in your eyes
to whisper in your ears...every so softly
Honey.....I love YOU!

Tassel Daley
copy write 2007
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