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Thursday, July 14, 2011


How faithful are you to your spouse?
Can your spouse trust you?
It is said action speaks louder than words.
When you are faithful to your spouse miracles happen.
In silence your love will explode for each other.
Each one will know that he or she is the one and only. No amount of words can convince ones lover that you love if infidelity is in the relationship.

I was happily married for 29 years before I became widowed.
During these years my late husband was very faithful.
His faithfulness spoke loudly in silence.

Let me share with a poem that wrote for him as i thought about his fidelity.

All I need Is You

I do not need another
As long as I have you
No milk in my coffee
No sugar in my tea
No rainbow in the sky
Gray hair without dye
When I am down You act like a clown
When I am sad You make me glad
I am what I am Because of you
I do not need another
As long as I have you
Copyright ©2008 Tassel Chrystal Daleyaction speaks louder than words
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